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The Secret World [GRIM] (Illuminati) Epic Weapons LF 3 DPS

tilaron, Sep 29, 12 10:34 PM.
Faction: Illuminati
Website :
VoIP: Ventrillo
Timezone: EST

Right now we consist of a tank and healer wanting to run elites/lairs > nightmares. Most of our group of friends have moved on to GW2. Ideally where looking for 3 dps that can make group nights 100% of the time (nights we run groups can be setup to best fit everyones schedule). We are up to speed on all encounters / theory crafting etc... We have no desire to pug content nightly and would rather setup or join with a consistent group of players.

Contact: TheConchord or TheGate in game

looking for peeps

tilaron, Sep 26, 12 6:55 PM.
Epic Weapons [EWV] - Borlis Pass [PvP/PvE]

  Vent: Yes                   Website: 

About Us:
We are a group of friends that are looking for players(Age 18+) to run 5man content and WvW. We have experience in several MMO's (Darkfall, TSW, WOW, AoC etc...) and still play many of them during off hours. We expect players to research and play with the appropriate traits / gear/ weapons for all content. We do not want people who click abilities or mash buttons without rhyme or reason.

Theorycrafting is a plus but more importantly a desire to maximize your class and understand any mechanics in game pvp/pve.. 5mans boss encounters etc.... A decent computer internet connection and peripherals is also important.. currently class and level are open to anyone fitting the previous criteria.

Contacts for questions: Nownow Now, Khaan, Daramaf

Here we go!!!

tilaron, Aug 28, 12 3:24 PM.
Epic Weapons focused on GW2 / TSW and some Darkfall if anyone dares!
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